New to Balenciaga and needing some help!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to the Balenciaga section of tPF!

    I have decided to buy a Bbag and I wanted some opinions. The colors I'm choosing between are Bordeaux and Grenat. For styles I really like the city, the box, and part-time. I'm 5'10 so I don't want a tiny bag but I don't want a really big one like the weekender. Which would you guys recommend?

    Also, I want to go pick out my own bag at their shop in NY. With Chloe bags you need to look at the leather to find one with certain qualities (smushy, pebbled.) I know that Balenciaga has totally different leather but are their certain qualities I should look for when picking out my bag?

    Thank you so much!
  2. Since you're going to the store, you should get a bag that strikes you. The work seems like a nice sized bag for you. Some people like their bags matte and smooshy, shiny, but less veiny. I think if you try a few of the same color bag in the store, you'll find the one that's perfect for your liking.
  3. Thank you for the info elongreach! For some reason I don't really like the work. Mainly because it has one strap and I wanted something more versatile. Do you know how big it is vs the city?
  4. I don't know the dimensions, but it holds a lot. It's smaller than the work and it's what most people go for for their first bag.
  5. Wow thank you so much!! :heart:

    Edit: P.S. Does anyone know if part-time has a stap?
  6. i just got the city in grenat... love that colour! i think its a great size... between first and work.... just lovely...
  7. Yes the parttime has a strap and handles.
  8. I LOVE your bag!! :heart::heart::heart: I am really leaning towards this color because I missed out on the chloe grenat on Ebay. :sad:
  9. oh audrey! i totally feel your pain! i love the red colours... i got this one cuz i missed out on the bordeaux.. but this colour is strikingly close!
  10. Thank you again elongreach! I couldn't find info on that anywhere. After looking at the link mocean posted I really like the shape of part-time and the first, but I think the city is a good size.. so I don't know...
  11. Welcome, Audrey! I would have to second the grenat city. I bought mine some time ago and thought about returning it, but I just loved the color so much! Here's another pic for you. :flowers:
    Also, yes, I think the part-time comes with a strap. :smile:
  12. I know it's terrible! I was so sad I didn't get that paddy... :crybaby:
    I thought Balenciaga is still making the bordeaux tho? Or did you mean a different bag in that color?
  13. Thank you!
    I :heart: your grenat city!! :tender:The color looks so deep and rich, but not too dark. Did you almost return it because of the style of the bag or for another reason?
  14. oh teh bordeaux was officially a 2005 colour... for balenciaga so they arent around anymore heee.... sorry i wasnt clear! heeee however the grenat is darn close and flippin BOOTIFUL! :heart: :heart: :heart: more than makes up for that paddy!