New to Bal. What leather to ask for????

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  1. Ok so today im calling BalNY to order my very first Bag!!:yahoo: I am going to order a Black PT. My question is what should I ask??? I saw Bal's IRL last Sunday at NM for my first time and fell in love. Other then that all I have seen is all of your beautiful collection pics. Any suggestions on what to ask for is greatly appreciated!!
  2. there are a couple of things you should ask, just based on your own tastes:
    do you like matte/smooth leather? or do you like the wrinkley/vintage looking leather?
    do you want regular hardware? or the GH (giant, which is now gold, but is going to come in silver also later this year)?

    those are the two items i think you should decide on and will help the SA with making your purchase a happy one!

    good luck :yes:
  3. I definatley want the RH. And Im thinking from what I saw at NM I like the more vintage leather. Will they send me pics if they have like 2 or so to choose from?
  4. they will absolutely send you pics! i don't know if you've spoken to anyone there yet, but the 2 SA's i would recommend are Kim and Daphne. i've worked with Daphne before (she's super sweet and helpful) and other people, like nanaz, have had great success with Kim.
  5. :tdown: I just called BalNY and they have no PT with RH. Im so sad! I saw that diabro has one does anyone know if they are good to work with?
  6. I found that leather preferences are very particular to your own personal taste. That's the beauty of Balenciagas! There is always 1 perfect leathered bag for every person. Personally to me that's half the fun and makes one fall in love with their bag more (the chance to pick out their own unique bag).

    Most old school bbag lovers like the non-veiny/matte/smooth bbags. However, there are a lot of bbag fans who like the veiny/crinkly/shiny bbags. And then there are still some who love the wrinkly/distressed/non-veiny bags. I'm in the last group. I like my bbags to be non-veiny but have textured leather as well. And I like a bit of a shine!
  7. Newport, I just raised an older thread for you on the different types of leather (wrinkly, crinkly, dry, smooshy, veiny, glossy, waxy, and the ever popular chewy :shame:smile:

    Choose a look you love, then ask the SA to help match that. Although a lot of it is really subjective.

    Good luck and no matter what, you can't go wrong!!
  8. I ask for very soft silky leather - after being sent a dry/plastic-y bag I'm happy as long as the bag is SOFT :P

    I've heard diabro is OK.. you may wanna check out Aloha Rag too :yes:
  9. what's the link to the older thread? i'm dying to know more about the different types of leather...:graucho: