New to Atlanta

  1. Hi Atlanta ladies, I just moved to Atlanta, where is the best place to buy a Chanel GST either bm or to call? Thanks!
  2. I know there's a NM in Lenox mall. I can't remember which stores are in Phipps Plaza - check both out - good luck.
  3. I'm in Atlanta and prefer to see Eva at Saks at Phipps plaza. Eva is the best! I've found that the SAs at the Chanel at Neimans aren't very friendly. What's even better is that the Saks EGC event is happening on the 26th, so that's when I'm getting my GST. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi and welcome!! I agree that Eva at Saks is great to work with. She used to work at a Chanel boutique somewhere in the west - maybe Arizona or California? - so she is super nice and knowledgeable. Another great SA at Saks is Priscilla, who is actually the Chanel specialist there. The other Chanel SA at Saks is Manuela, who is not as nice IMO, but she is the type that will remember you and cater to you if she thinks you're a serious buyer.

    I also agree that the SAs at the Chanel at NM aren't as friendly at first. The specialist is Paige, who I don't like to work with. However, NM does have bags and selection that Saks doesn't have, so if you see your GST there, Alex and Becky are both great. I have also heard good things about Pia.
  5. I see GSTs everytime I'm at Neiman Marcus in Lenox mall. Pia is a nice SA.
  6. When I spoke with Eva at Saks on Saturday, she said they have a ton of GSTs in stock.
  7. I believe it isn't allowed to say bad things about individual SA's by name on the pf, so I will just give you my positive recommendation. Paige, the Chanel specialist at NM, is excellent, very nice and has never let me down in going out of her way to find me bags. What I particularly like about her is how well she knows Chanel. I also find her to be very fair. I generally prefer the selection of Chanel bags at NM, too.