New to 5" CL pls

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  1. I have a new pair waiting at my mother's for a wedding. Is this absolutely insane? I have a pair of 4" prada platforms that I can walk in, not so much dance (but Mr. Bitty doesn't dance).

    Should I bring a change of shoes or do they break in quickly? I tried them on on carpet but they would have to make it through church, reception...:confused1:
  2. Those are pretty much sit down and look good shoes. I would like to see pics of the bottom of pigalles that people say they wear.
  3. Yeah...bring another pair of shoes just in case. You really should break them in a bit. Buy those foot petals too just in case you need a bit of support.
  4. whenever i wear my louboutins to a wedding, my feet are always dying by the reception. i would definetely recommend bringing a change of shoes, just in case.
  5. make sure u put foot petals padding in them or your feet will be soooo sorry. i've worn my 5" pigalles twice and almost died. still love them though.
  6. I always bring extra shoes to any formal event I go to. Because I know midway through the event my feet will be killing me.
  7. First time in Pigalles and first time in 5 inch heels? (4inch platforms will feel like a 3 - 3 1/4 inch non-platform heel, IMO) Def sit and look pretty shoe!
  8. I HEAR ya! I had these EXACT shoes & I had to sell them! I felt like I was going to need foot surgery or something! They were FAB but they were TORTURE devices for my feet!
  9. What color are your pigalles? They always look so sexy ... I say, bring the pain!
  10. I find it's not the pain so much as the feeling of wanting to stumble on every little pebble or sidewalk crack. Indoors I'm completely fine, but outside, I usually just take them off.

    That could just be me, as I have sort of smallish feet (sz 7) and in some higher heels the angle of the slope is just too much - I feel like I might fall right over forward.