NEW Tivoli Bag

  1. Does anyone here know or have a picture of the new bag called Tivoli? I saw it on the lookbook on tuesday and was wondering whether anyone can remind me of why I loved it as the memory of the bag is kinda fading in my mind!

  2. I dont have a pic but i would like to see it as well.
  3. I would love to see it too!
  4. isn't it in the fall winter 2007 report?
  5. i want to see a pics
  6. Is that the gathered mono bag with both the hand held and shoulder straps? If it is, I love it too!!
  7. ^ Yup, this thread is old ;)

    In case anyone else is interested, there are tons of pretty up-to-date info in the Reference Library about upcoming releases.
  8. [​IMG]

    I got this picture from the F/W 2007 summary. The tivoli will come in a Pm and GM size. The PM is meant to be worn in your hand (like the speedy) and the GM is made to be worn over the shoulder and has adjustable straps.
  9. If you go to and under USA only. The main photo highlight and it will begin the series of new up-coming bags, the Tivoli is in one of the photos. I only saw this under the USA portion of their site. If interested, you may want to waitlist for the bag, for the SAs are already accepting wl.
  10. Looks like a great bag!
  11. There are some pictures of it in the following tPF thread below:

    ----> Fall Winter 2007/2008 The Summary <----

    It is really beautiful and the shape is very unique.
  12. I am kinda confussed is the tivoli bag a LE? i am getting mixed reports. Can someone clarify please?
  13. tivoli as well as palermo are permanent.
  14. They are new releases. They are not like the fall/winter bags that are LE; they will be permanent