New Timeless Classics *pics*

  1. Here are a couple pictures of Chanels. These Bags are the "New Fabulous Classics"

    1. Med. Boston in Black $2875.00, 6 1/2 inches High, 12 inches Long, 6 1/2 inches Deep (Can Preorder Pink and White) (1875, 1877)

    2. Large Boston in Black $3295.00 8 1/2 inches High, 13 inches Long, 8 inches Deep (Can Preorder Beige) (1881)

    3 and 4.Timeless Accordian in Black and White $2575.00 (Can Preorder Beige) (1947)

    Call Lisa Hamlin's business cell, 248-635-8442, if you like what you see.

  2. thanks Savannah!
    If you have an extra moment, would you mind posting these, their prices and #s in the Reference LIbrary so it's easier to find after this thread isn't new anymore?
  3. Oohh :wtf:, ahhhh :heart:, ooohhh :drool:

    Thanks for sharing, Savannah!
  4. The white is so beautiful!!!
  5. like all of these bags
  6. All are so cute. Thanks for sharing.
  7. gorgeous bags! thank you for posting!
  8. I've seen and tried on all of these bags and ladies, they are GORGEOUS in real life! The white one is my soon to be "Easter bag", lol and I am thinking about that large Boston to replace my very first Chanel satchel. Beautiful, the pictures are wonderful but as good as they are, the bags are even MORE beautiful!!!

    Thanks for posting them!!!!
  9. thanks! Are the last 2 reallly called Timeless Accordian Flap? I have this bag in black but can't really figure out its name!
  10. is the black accordion the same size as the white one? the white just looks so much tinier...
  11. THanks for sharing! I want the Large Boston.
  12. great pics - thanks!
  13. Thanks for the pics!
  14. Thanks for posting these pics Savannah! I am loving the Timeless Accordion flap bag in Black!
  15. thanks for posting!i love the medium boston:smile: