New timeless classic patent tote?

  1. Does anyone have info on this patent classic tote? I saw it on Nordstrom's pdf file as well but I'd like to learn more about it. My local NM hasn't received the cruise book yet so they are clueless but for those who saw it at their trunk show, how big is this bag, is it comfortable to wear? Thanks
    I got the pic from thompk's picture on the other thread, I hope she's ok with me posting it here as well
  2. I haven't seen this before but I am liking it.
  3. wow, i really like that bag! i know nothing about it...but hopefully someone else does!
  4. i like that tote, not too big jus right.
  5. hmm no info friom me'
    but she is lovely
  6. it's gorgeous. did you ask your local chanel boutique?

    maybe they'd know, most stores (not sure about chanel) has a book of bags or products that are coming, with details, etc.
  7. It sorta looks like the MJ stam bag, don't ya think?
  8. ^eh. . . maybe a little, or maybe the Stam looks like Chanel! LOL!

    It's a beautiful bag!
  9. Its beautiful but a bit small.