**NEW THREAD** Please share your Hermès collection!!!

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  1. Both of you have gorgeous collections! Thank you for sharing!!
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  2. May I ask about the green B (color, leather) and the gold K? They are breathtakingly lovely!!!
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  3. Thank you! The green is Toundra Box B30. It’s a real chameleon. I love olive greens. I’m not sure which K you are referring to. The front one on the right is Vache Natural K28 and behind it is Barenia K32.
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  4. IMG_8585.JPG

    It wasn’t until I took this picture that I realized I gravitated toward blues, greens, and pinks. Completely unplanned
    Order from left to right: BE b30, BA k25, Lagoon b30, VC k25, RS/BA b30, RA kp

    Not the whole family but just b/k for now. I’ve certainly come a long way from when I first started collecting which were all the neutral colors and larger sized bags. Lifestyle, wardrobe changes all played a role and some trial and error as well as some styles just didn’t work for me but is beautiful nonetheless. I’m excited to see where this love affair takes me and I love seeing everyone’s H family and would like to share as well.
  5. oh how I love the twill on your kelly 35! Is it from Dior?
  6. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
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  7. I have two raisin bags IMG_0517.jpg
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  9. Raisin is my favorite color! I’d love a raisin B30 with GHW.
  10. Isn’t it interesting to see the picture and notice a trend we hadn’t planned or realized. It’s a good exercise to get everything together and take a picture so we can re-evaluate from time to time. Wonderful colors in your family.
    I hadn’t realized how many brown tones I had until I posted mine. Time for a pop of col
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  11. Oooh, I love this family!!! We have similar tastes!
  12. Here are my two Hermes cuties. I ove them to pieces ❤️

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  13. Very beautiful! Thank you!