**NEW THREAD** Please share your Hermès collection!!!

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  1. Totally understand. I love the pieces you chose, simply stunning!
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  2. My lovely neutrals
    B35 etain phw
    B30 Etoupe phw
    Roulis 23 Beton phw
    Jige Gris Perle
    Mini K Gris Asphalt ghw

    Attached Files:

  3. :love::loveeyes:beautiful neutrals collection:tup:
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  4. Hi twin! That is a gorgeous lineup! I haven't have time to line up my black items yet. I am proud to report that I have not bought any black bags since March. Only a few red ones. You might be causing me to buy more black again...
  5. I love the horse painting! Who is the artist?
  6. What an awesome black family! :loveeyes::loveeyes: What bag is next? :graucho:

    So lovely, love H greys! :love::love: Nice to see the difference between beton and gris perle :heart:
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  7. Heavenly! What a lovely collection
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  8. #443 Oct 4, 2019
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    Thank you. If you’re referring to the colorful horse painting behind the Baton de Craie, the artist is Marie Sarni. If you’re referring to the painting of the horse head in the shades of black, gray and white, behind the Verrou clutch, I’m sorry I can’t tell you the artist’s name. I’ve had it for a really long time and have no idea where it’s paperwork is. (there’s no signature on the front).
  9. Beautiful photo. Your colors look so happy together.....
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  10. Thank you!
  11. March?!? :panic: That is some amazing will power. But after getting a black croc b25.. It’s hard to imagine what’s next. Proud of you twin! Which red ones?
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  12. Thank you! I’m really wanting a b30 noir in a slouchy leather. Still debating hardware in my mind
  13. Thank you hun!! :hugs:
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    My collection, sold my Birkin’s as they didn't work for me. Heading to Italy in 10 days and am thinking about a Picotin 18, Lindy 26 or a Mini Berline. Would love a Mini Lindy!
  15. At some point, it will be a lot harder to find black items that are suitable. Since I turned down two black C18 Croc last year, my C18 karma has not been great this year (either absolutely hate the color or it is something I already have in C24). It took all of my self control not to buy the Roulis Croc Mini in Noir on my SA's retirement day. As for the Rouge bags, the new ones since March has been a Porosus KC, a Mini Bolide and a C24.