**NEW THREAD** Please share your Hermès collection!!!

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  1. Not the whole collection, but my collection of neutral Bs and K.

    Front to back:
    SO all Noir Swift B25 GHW
    SO gold Togo and red tomato (I think can’t remember exact red ‍♀️) B30 Permabrass HW
    Kelly 35 GM Togo with Blue agate interior SHW (and a fun strap).

    Didn’t realise I was so neutral!!?!?

    Attached Files:

  2. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Beautiful collection!!
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  4. Beautiful neutral collection!!
  5. I am enjoying seeing the collections posted so far. All are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more.
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  6. 720EBFD3-6E94-49EE-9BA8-D5C8FEDF33CE.jpeg 5989A0AD-7099-41C9-A68A-7580BB7373CD.jpeg I have a thing for the heritage leathers but I feel like some my bags overlap. I would love to diversify more but I just can’t let any of them go. I did wrestle for a year about the K25 and have tried to make it work but I think I will rehome her and the Pico.
  7. OMG I love your entire collection!!
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  8. This is spectacular.
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  9. Love your collection!! Heritage leather is just beautiful.
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  10. What a fabulous collection - thank you for sharing!
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  11. Thank you so much! I just realized I forgot to add my most used bag, my gold Evie PM.
  12. My happy little birkin family out to play today IMG_3738.JPG
  13. I love your heritage collection!!!!! I’m looking forward to seeing other members collex. This is a great thread!
    @TeeCee77 , I love your Birkin family, and was little noir pico sleeping in? Your family pic makes me tempted to get malachite...and then I remember how I really want to redo the fireplace in my great room. Choices, choices!

    @QuelleFromage, I’m dying to see your collex. I admire the rouge box K and recent SO you posted awhile back. You have great taste.
  14. Haha yes, just the Bs came out to play today. I need to do a full family pic, but I was being too lazy today haha!
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  15. #45 Nov 18, 2018
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    My small collection. :smile: Framed C’est la Fete that started it all. My Evie that I carry almost every day. Such a good workhorse bag! My 30cm GP - discovered 36cm was too heavy for me. And a bunch of bracelets, hubby’s belt, a few twillies. I have re-homed a number of items I bought that I found just don’t work for me (36cm leather GP, a Massai, a Berlingot, a box leather Trim, a canvas GP, a few bracelets in colors I never grab, some chain d’ancre jewelry I didn’t wear). It’s so easy to love everything H but I am trying to control myself and get only things that I will actually use and that make my heart flutter! 600A9F99-C1CC-496C-8234-813D4D2BD203.jpeg E8BA9A5C-8097-479E-AE01-96D5711427DE.jpeg