**NEW THREAD** Please share your Hermès collection!!!

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  1. Beautiful and thank you for posting! I do love seeing these, since Hermes is so much more than just bags...
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  2. Thanks! :smile:
  3. Well, the poor BdC I passed on earlier remained homeless. I couldn’t take seeing it neglected like that....so I adopted it.
    (Security provided by an equally neglected toy that resides in the guest room....)
    The photo I had hoped to use but didn’t, because it looked ridiculous full size.....
  4. +1
  5. Some may say I have an addiction. I like to say I am utterly devoted :heart:

    Here is my black bag collection. There are still a couple more Noir beauties I’d like to add if given the chance! :panic:

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  6. Love everything about these!!:hbeat: The bag.. the painting and even the little swat man
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  7. You’re not only devoted. You’re also focused, passionate & consistent.
  8. Aww thank you Diane! If only I were as focused on other things... my wallet would be a whole lot happier :giggle:
  9. Fantastic collection.
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  10. Awhhh Beautiful collection!!! Thanks for sharing :love::love::love::love:
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  11. Thank you so much hun!! :heart:
  12. Thank you dear!! My black bags have my
    Whole heart! Your new box baby is such a dream :heart: maybe for my next one :blush:
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  13. beautiful collection!
  14. diane, I love your paintings. They are spectacular! Did you paint them or you bought from somewhere?
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  15. Thank you! I’m not an artist.....but I consider myself to be an enthusiastic collector. :yes: When I come across a painting that speaks to me, it’s very difficult to pass on it (although sometimes they’re simply out of my price range).