**NEW THREAD** Please share your Hermès collection!!!

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  1. I’m going to pour cement over my Guernesey before looking at these pictures. Just saying. Otherwise, if you see a crocodile Kelly swinging at a corner street, you know what happened...
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  2. I should wait a bit before I take pictures of the black and almost black families. Those two sets will get better this year. Ha ha.
  3. Since I am holding off on a family photo of the Noir bags, here is a pacifier.

    Blood of my enemies
    Rouge Vif
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  4. OK everyone, not to spoil anyone's fun but perhaps we could get back to topic. TY

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  5. I love how you love Electric!
  6. My current bag collection. Hoping to add a k25 or 28 this year. Thanks for letting me share :smile:
  7. Beautiful collection! Happy weekend
  8. What a great versatile collection! What are the specs of your Roulis and B?
  9. Great earth colours, such harmony
  10. One more beautiful Neutralista collection and adorable kitteh have joined the party :clap:
  11. Thanks :smile:
  12. Thanks dear! It’s a b30 in bleu nuit ghw Togo and roulis 23 evercolor jaune ambre :smile:
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  13. Thanks :smile:
  14. Thanks! Just can’t get enough of the neutrals :smile:
  15. I just died this colour is amazing ! I am debating over which red would be the best for me and it looks like Rouge Vif has just taken a number 1 place ! Amazing bag!!! ❤️