**NEW THREAD** Please share your Hermès collection!!!

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  1. I want to see the Rose Extreme Constance! :love::love::love:
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  2. Wow gorgeous!
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  3. Will try that out when I get to our bag on the west coast! Thanks twin!
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  4. You have all the HG bags!! :heart::love::love: And i love The sea of black and dark colors!!
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  5. Sure! Not great pictures as it was indoor at night. It is a Mini Constance rose extreme with PHW and swift leather
    7224CE70-0C76-4420-AA8C-C743B7F80A68.jpeg 38CC926E-240B-4D94-A5B2-0F79FC7D0676.jpeg
  6. Thanks, Yoshi!
    Thank you, GoldFish! I do love a classic, that’s for sure!
    Sometimes I wonder if they are variations of the same thing and I immediately laugh. There’s no such thing as too much black anything :biggrin:

    This thread got me thinking there’s a few types of bag owners:
    The neutralista
    The NOIR neutralista (a few of us here, including yours truly)
    The Colorista
    The NOIR neutralista Plus (those who own more than 3 pops of color)
    Special categories:
    The Barenia Babes (hard club to join that I hope to be a member of someday. I drool when I see people post their B family from years apart and their different patinas...)
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  7. HAHAHA love this! can I just add the Box Babes...or maybe it could be a combo or Barenia Box Babes? It seems to me that the member here who appreciate and covet Barenia, are also people who appreciate box leather
  8. Of course Box Babes!!! QuelleFromage would probably be their embassador :biggrin:
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  9. yesss! or Box B!tches ....although not as appropriate :lol:
  10. The funny think is when I think about Barenia, Box, Babes and B!tches, the first think that comes to mind is Bad A$$! Lol
  11. Ooooh, Pretty~~~! :loveeyes: I do like peep shows too! Great teaser before the full monty show :lol:
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  12. Thank you, thank you, you peeping kitty :biggrin:
    It started as a full monty but then it morphed into a peep show... :angel:
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  13. Same!! I always Think that Barenia looks bad ass! Box B!tches would be a play on Boss B!tches! :coolio:
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  14. The good twin @GoldFish8 responded. I am the evil twin with the Bleu Electrique C18.
  15. Lol! How am I the good twin?! Although I dont disagree ;) ... can we see?! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a BE Constance!? :eek::yahoo: