new thread for my baby paddy

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. argg, why can't i figure this out??

  3. [​IMG]
  4. VERY pretty! What color is this? Argent?

    Looks GOOD on you!
  5. ooops, forgot to include that info...yes, the color is argent
  6. Beautiful! I have the larger version :smile: Love that color!
  7. oh my, that is so beautiful! stunning color, congrats!
  8. Gorgeous - suits you.
  9. Gorgeous bag in a gorgeous color!! Congrats!!
  10. very pretty! congrats!
  11. it's sooo cute! congrats!
  12. gorgeous :nuts:
  13. Wow - I love your baby Paddy in argent with the silver lock! You look fantastic and I also love your watch, too! Enjoy!
  14. lovely lovely.

    I too have finally gone the baby route, it suits you perfectly :smile:
  15. I have been trying to find one in that color! Oh I am so jealous. Beautiful bag, Congrats!