New thread*BIRTHDAY/Anniversary PRESENT! =)

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  1. Birthday's on August 16th,2008, Anniversary on September 2nd, 2008. :heart:

    Okay so I've posted some threads about being confused on which bag to get. I won't reveal it yet! Although you guys may find out.
    But today I was at the Galleria in Houston with my DB & I finally decided!
    I'm so excited to open her this Saturday!
    I can't believe that she's just sitting in a huge hard box in his trunk!
    I can't open it yet he says!!
    But I will definitely post pictures once I open it this Saturday @ my birthday. =)
    I have been waiting forever for her( it seems)!!!!

    Til then, leave me comments to help me keep my anxiety down!!
    I know it's not much compared to all the gifts that most tpf'ers get from the husbands and fiancees but I'm just a senior in highschool and he's a freshman in college. So I surely do appreciate my wonderful boyfriend!
  2. Oooh, I'm excited too! All prezzies are good prezzies, esp when they're in LV brown boxes :yahoo:
  3. Congrats on the anniversary and Happy Birthday!!!! I can't wait to see your present..
  4. How sweet of him! Happy early birthday and anniversary!
  5. Congratulations and Happy early B-day/Congratulations.:drinks: You are so lucky to own a LV handbag at such an early age. I wished that I had a LV handbag in high school. ;)

    Houston Galleria is where I do all my LV shopping and my favorite place to eat is Dim Sum at Missouri City. I did all my business thru Adam, very helpful and friendly.:tup:
  6. awww...that's so sweet of you bf:tup:...i wish my bf would do that:Push:.. hehe..

    congrats on your gift :tender:and though saturday seems far will be here soon!!! dont forget to post pics:girlsigh:
  7. This story is so made up!
  8. Omgoodness!
    All my business is with Adam too! He is SOOOOOOOOO nice, delightful, and joyous to work with. He's my favorite! =)
    This will officially be my first OWN LV! Since my bucket was a hand me down from my sister. =)
    I love eating dim sum at that Kim Son too! :biggrin:

  9. Huh? 0_o
    Is this supposed to be a rude comment?

    But thank you to everyone else!! =)
    I will post pictures as soon as possible which will probably be Saturday or Sunday morning. =)
    Will keep you posted!! :tup:
  10. No it's not.. :yes:
  11. Can't wait to see your pics!!
  12. Oh okay!
    I was like hmm what did I do? =(
    Haha thank you though!
  13. azndevotionguh-it's a wonderful story....dont listen to her:tup:

  14. congrats!!! i can't wait to find out. happy birthday and anniversary this weekend! i'll definately look out for your thread or come back to this one to see what you got. don't worry about whether or not it's nice or not compared to what others have received here, i'm glad that you see it's just as special to you..that's what really matters. It could be the least expensive thing that LV makes, but i'm sure you'll still love it like no other!
  15. It was a wrong post.. :yes: