New Thongs

  1. I found another killer pair of thongs!!!
    DSC01623.JPG DSC01625.JPG
  2. sunshine those are gorgeous.....and you always have the best pedicures :P
  3. I really should change the color!!! Ive had the same damn color for the past 3 pedicures!! I go tomorrow...maybe I will get a softer pink!
  4. Very pretty, Sunshine! Are those thongs comfortable? I've only owned a couple of pairs of thongs in my lifetime and always found them to be extremely painful!
  5. live in them (things/flip flops)...I must have like 100 pair...really comfy for me.
  6. Lovely shoes, and I love the colour of your polish! It goes great with the tanned tootsies!
  7. Thank you!!! OPI strawberry margarita...gotta love the name!
  8. I LOVE Them....They Look SOOOO Nice On You!!!
  9. Love themm..

    I just bought one too from Stuart.. I got the starfish ones.. It's gorgeous.. They have great thongs in reasonable price!..
  10. Cute thongs.
  11. awwI love them!! and cute nail color