New Things on (UK)

  1. Sorry don't know how to do that screen shot thingy.

    There are new shoes and normande small leather goods.

    Oh and the Perfo shows "not sold online" instead of not available do you think this means there are still some out there. I was told that there are none left in the UK
  2. I'm sure they're still out there, call up some boutiques or you can call a US boutique because i do know they still have them...
  3. ^ would they ship to the UK?
  4. I love the new nomade wallets:love:
  5. SA in Vienna told me last week that they all sold out perfo bags, even in Paris:s .
    I've also got the same answer when I called the store in Munich.

    I regret now not purchasing it earlier....:sad:
  6. I also noticed they have some Miroir items up too but they obviously show 'out of stock'. They're not under the 'New Arrivals' section just yet but if you go to the 'City bags and briefcases' they have the Papillion and all the info on it etc. They also have the pochette on the site but that also shows 'out of stock'.
  7. I saw the new nomade wallets today .. they are very nice .. I love nomade:love:
  8. I think they do..
  9. I feel soooo lucky to own a perfo pink bag, got it during summer of this year. My friend is searching for one also, we have checked with HK & SINGAPORE, sad to say they don't have it anymore...

    thought of posting my perfo bag for you guys...:graucho:
    PERFO BAG.jpg
  10. few things
    sand 1.jpg sand 2.jpg