New things on Elux!!!

  1. There's a cute new bags on elux now!!!

    BeverlyXXL $1,720
    Mini Lin Noe in Ebene and Dune $990

    Bowling PM and Gm available too!!!
  2. :drool: over the Bowling. ichelle has this and they're a bunch of us that are completely drolling over it.
  3. thanks!
  4. Thought I'd add the Bowling GM for reference.
  5. Thanks edsbgrl! I forgot to put it!!
  6. I'll take the bowling GM, please, thank you ;)
  7. np :winkiss:
  8. .......obviously from my post, we're "drolling" over it (whatever that is) rather than "drooling" over it...........Learn to spell edsbgrl :rolleyes: :lol:
  9. how much is the bowling pm & gm? Elux is down & it's too late to call 866.
  10. Did you guys ever see the Azur pochette on elux? I have been waiting it for a long time, but no luck...:crybaby:
  11. ^ i saw it yesterday... i'm sure it'll be in stock again soon. i usually notice a lot of the the azur items are available late at night
  12. Thanks for the nice information!
  13. Yes! I purchased mine from Elux less than a month ago. Don't worry..they will come back in stock!:yes: