New things . . . gold platinum bronze zebra

  1. Platinum resort woven clutch a nice 10 x 6 roomier than a wristlet of course, fits inside my Ali's and tote if I need it too, I forgot, the nice clutches are lined in suede. Legacy Two-Toned Bronze/gold French Purse, extremely soft! For my ecletic side some more Zebra, I already have the Legacy Zebra French Purse, but I can't resist :girlsigh: this has the I.D. flap, it's thicker than a french purse, and will get even thicker once it's filled but it feels nice (to me)! And, another Ali . . . an eBay/outlet bag, in excellent condition my FIRST Signature Signature (I have metallic Optic that I love! You know all that stuffing Coach fills purses with, well no stuffing in this one. Seller used one sealed air FILL AIR packing bubble! Smart idea! I hate all that stuffing but keep it to retain the shape. . . . hope you enjoy the show . . . I am also posting a "family portrait" of Ali's in the Ali Support Group thread . . . go there tooooooooo!
    PICT0061A.jpg PICT0062.jpg PICT0065.jpg PICT0077A.jpg
  2. Oh, my goodness. I love that Zebra Wallet. Can you post pictures of the inside?
  3. LOVE all the new goodies!! I had that exact same Ali and sold it. Seriously regretting it now! Congrats on such a WOW collection!
  4. Wow beautiful new additions, I especially :heart: the Ali! Congrats :tup:
  5. Oh my gosh! I love all of your new additions! Congrats
  6. eeep! I love your clutch
  7. Beautiful clutch and I love the French Purses, but WOW on your Ali collection! Amazing!
  8. I Love It All!!!!
  9. Is that a large ergo tote in green that I spy:cool:? Wow what a great collection:tup:
  10. I am in love with that clutch!! Your new Ali is tdf! Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous collection! Thanks for sharing with us!! YUMMY!
  12. The ergo looks almost like the Chambray my soho hobo came in :smile: can't tell tho!
  13. :drool: The clutch is tdf.
  14. The lighting is off ~ that's a large turquoise ergo . . . my pond french purse looks a little green too:upsidedown:
  15. I want that clutch so badly!!! It's lovely!