New tee on

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  1. The cutest blue tee shirt just poped up on the Nordstrom website and I ordered it in all of 5 seconds lol. I hope this means they'll be putting more clothes up soon!

    People with bullseye bags, you must buy it lol.
    _5580227.jpg _5578916.jpg
  2. ^^ just wanted to add that this would look so cute with your BE exeter knasarae!
  3. That is super cute!
  4. I ordered this yesterday too AURELIA! Soooo cute!! Me likey alot!
  5. I wonder if they are going to post the white version of that tee with the sequins soon? I don't think I like the idea of that tee having sequins, but I still want to see it!
  6. OOOH!!!! Excuse me for a few moments (off to order the shirt).
  7. Yeah I'm not big on the sequins either. I'm just worried they would fall off. While it was new it'd be cute though!
  8. Yay we'll be shirt twins!
  9. Darn, just realized my card is downstairs and I'm too tired to go and get it. I'll order it in the morning. I wonder if its going to come out in any more colors?
  10. Ok, just realized Nordies saves that information. Sorry, must be the medicine. Just ordered it! :P Yes, this shirt is gonna be so cute with my Exeter!
  11. Yeah, the tee comes in enamel with sequins (on the red parts if I remember right)...
  12. the white tee is up now on
  13. I saw the tank top version yesterday and it was alright, I wasn't in love with either the sequined one or the plain one.
  14. Did anyone who ordered the blue tee receive it yet? I just got mine today and I'm not crazy about the "rubbery" texture of the screen print. What do you think?