New taupe color for the cabat??

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  1. Hi all! Like obviously many here, I have become more and more obsessed about the BV cabat (don't yet own one)! What an AMAZING bag! I am a newbie on this forum, an Hermes gal but BV comes as my (veeery close) second :heart:.
    At the moment I have only one BV bag, a paille large Veneta (love it!), and now I am ready for the cabas. I would like something light, light brownish, but according to the SA in Italy there is now only black and dark brown cabats on the shelf (and some rust color, apparently from the summer collection..).
    BUT, she mentioned that she has heard there will be apparently some new grey color coming within the next few months! I asked if it would be greyish brown, hopefully taupe color, and she said YES, as far as she has understood correctly. It sounds divine!
    Soooo, has anyone here info about the new grey color for the cabats! Sorry if there is a thread where this has been discussed, I didn't find any..
    TIA ladies! :smile:
  2. They usually show the upcoming Cabat colors on the runway show. The 2012 Spring thread is up. Jula and others usually post pictures from the runway. That's a good place to start.

    ETA: see post #13 of 2012 Spring thread
  3. Thank you apey_grapey! :flowers: Great threads!
    I found this picture on the 2012 Spring thread, could this be the new taupe, or perhaps an old BV color?? And what do you think is the size of this cabat, is it medium? I am not yet sure about which size I should choose.. But I am sure there are good size ref threads here too!
    Oh, I am already addicted to this forum.. :P
  4. There are no cabat on the website right now
    I was looking and noticed that
    lots of knot bags
    It is the season in Palm Beach and they sell a ton of knot bags there
  5. Your SA is probably referring to Stone (color name). I have seen the medium Stone Struzzo Cabat IRL. Struzzo = Ostrich. It is drop dead gorgeous to say the least! I recall the color looking like light grey cement and shows off the quills very well. There were no brown or beige undertones. How I wished I had $25K for it. From what I know, they're only making a Stone Cabat in ostrich, no nappa (lamskin). Below is a picture of the Stone Knot from the BV website. Color-wise, Stone in ostrich is a tad bit darker than croc. Completely sumptuous and not that light that you'd have to baby it.

    I'm not 100% positive but the Cabat in the runway photo above looks like Chene in vachette (calfskin). Or maybe it's a completely new brown but that's definitely not Stone.

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  7. I love that Knot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. TDL, that stone Knot is gorgeus! I can only imagine how beautiful it is in a cabas!! But the price... :faint:
    However, I don't think the SA was talking about the color stone, because she mentioned that will be made in nappa leather.
    The brownish/greyish/greenish cabat in the runaway picture looks promising IF it really is some new color..
    I would so happily take the chene color cabat or any other light brown cabat if they only were avaiblable somewhere! I think I just have to be patient.. :girlsigh:
    Thank you all for your input and kind comments!!! :smile:
  9. croc is always best LOL
  10. Nankali, I hope you can find a beautiful cabat! Can you call around to some stores in your area?
    Just looking through the link posted by chungwan, I think if I were really wealthy I would have Coco Lave cabats in every color! yummy!
  11. It is a new color. As far as I know, BV only shows the new or classic colors on the runway and that picture is from the Cruise 2011/2012 show.

    I have that knot. It's a beautiful light gray. I'm a little afraid of what it will look like with handling... I guess I'll just have to see :smile:
  12. AG - Ummmm... repeat that again - you have the Stone Croc Knot? That merits a separate reveal! Or did I miss it? I haven't been on tPF for a while. Sneaky, sneaky! ;)

    * sorry, slightly off topic *

  13. I totally agree with TDL! Reveal!!! Reveal!!!!
  14. Yeah, I was trying to be sneaky. Just for you two ;), my knot on top of my new winter coat, a bright orange, which seems to be the color of the season IMG_0474.jpg
  15. OMG AG!!!! it is beautiful...I am so excited you got it...