New Tano Lip Sync (and a sandwich!) + some handle swapping


Dec 30, 2007
I was going to the mall to get a sandwich. Because when large chains compete, my tuna-salad loving self wins. All hail the $5 foot long. Sandwich. Just dinner (and breakfast tomorrow). Just one $5 sandwich.


Sorry about the camera phone pictures.




Please meet my new Lip Sync in dandelion. Hilldale, my fav. mall, just mailed out these awesome coupons (including 20% off at Jan Byce) and... I'm weak. My blood sugar was low. She's so beautiful and fits so well cross-body. My just acquired Pavlov's Frog doesn't fit cross-body. Plus the hand strap is detachable and therefore can be swapped between bags. So my new dandelion bag is TOTALLY PRACTICAL. I'm just going to keep saying that until I firmly believe it :biggrin:

I'm 5'4 and a big-box store size 14. Those last pictures are the Pavlov's Frog in lawn with the Lip Sync's hand strap attached. It fits surprisingly comfortably as a very snug shoulder strap (so if you're thinner than I am it would probably work even better). I actually k's a little more comfortable than the thinner Pavlov's strap doubled.

I'm just so in love with Tano. These are the two colors I absolutely HAD to have. Plus the Amanda Playwith I'm probably going to cave and get in black and it's about the same price as the leather Coach Carly that I thought I wanted when I found TPF. I still love Coach and all but I'm just so happy with these bags. The color! The leather! The dedication to contrast bits! The price! :nuts:
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Dec 30, 2007
Great idea to switch the handles!

But what I want to know is how can I get the 20% off coupon for Hilldale??????:confused1:

I got it as a bulk mailing (to "Preferred Customer") about a week ago. I live very close on the near west side. You could try asking the nice older guy who is usually at the help desk - he sometimes has the promotional stuff also.


Mar 27, 2008
Hi AnneT! I'm from the Madison area as well!! How big of a Tano selection does Jan Byce have? I will def NEED to stop there and check it out. I know that the shop on State St. seems to only have a few and they are all from last season if not older.


Sep 22, 2006
Gorgeous bag! And I didn't realize anyplace in Hilldale carried Tano! I've been to the State St. shops, but like it was mentioned they don't carry a lot of current styles. I will definitely have to check them out next time I am near there. I bought my Tano bag (I bought it a year ago but it is from 2 seasons ago for Tano - the Miss Congeniality) in Brookfield at a place called M.E. Lou.

We need a thread about where we can find Tano bags in WI!