New tan Paddingtons on

  1. they are stocking a "tan" bag,but it's a totally different colour to last year's tan/'s a more yellowy,truer tan...anyone know whether this is a new colour?

    Sigh...I do believe that tan is still the best colour in which the paddy ever came :biggrin: .
  2. I've just been drooling over that. I really do want a paddy but I'm too scared to take the plunge. That is a classic colour though isn't it? It's beautiful.
  3. They had a "tan" in the Silverado series this season that looked much like this "tan". It looks more like this than the original tan which was very orange.
  4. Exactly...I have the original tan,and while mine isn't the very orange variety it certainly has more orange than this one!!

    I prefer this to the whiskey...having seen whiskey in real life finally I don't really like it at all.
  5. I am absolutely in love with the tan. This is the version that made me want to stop buying groceries so i could save up enough to buy it. I agree that the whisky looks better in pics than it does in real life.
  6. I have a tan in my NAP not decided tho! Also cant afford to get it until I get paid on weds!
  7. Mammab posted over on the Fashion Spot that her local Nordstrom (Washington State) received a huge shipment of Paddingtons in the new fall colors. One of the colors she described looks like "coffee with a lot of cream" in it. I wonder if this is the new tan? She also mentioned the orange which she loves and someone posted a picture of her orange Paddy. It's a bright pumpkin orange.

    Kem, I agree. The original tan is still my favorite Paddy. I ate a lot of cereal to afford that bag!