New tags?

  1. My hampstead came with a new tag, with the price on....I don't really like it...don't know if they are changing or they accidentally gave me the one they are suppose to keep.

    Here it is:

  2. I've gotten those in the past - I think by accident. I am pretty sure the SA is supposed to pull that tag out and keep with their paperwork.
  3. hmm- the font isn't terribly elegant.
  4. ya I think they're supposed to keep it.
    btw, remember how I asked you about the lining inside? on the top tag it says: "exterior and lining in cowhide leather"....... that's odd...:shrugs:
  5. ^^^maybe it's a kind of suede, that would make sense, that would be cowhide
  6. well then, CONGRATS!!! lol
  7. I dont really like them but they are ok.
  8. i've gotten these tags before too. not sure if it was by accident or not.
  9. I asked if I could keep the hang tag that came with my scarf; that one has the price on it too.
  10. Yeah they usually are supposed to keep them and tear them in half.

    When I ordered my Pocket Agenda over the phone, the SA FORGOT to take it out the CC slot. I walked into Target [I think it was?] and the little security thingy went off!!! The manager stopped me asking to walk back through the door... it was SO embarrassing. :shame:
  11. i've gotten the tags before too.
  12. slightly ot but I love anything that sets off alarms b/c they come off my clothing and into my friends coat pockets. :p

    But back on OT I think I fussed at the Austin LV SA b/c I didn't get the tag.. didn't realize they didn't come with one. :oh:
  13. You shouldn't have gotten the price portion of that tag, I'm thinking.
  14. Think they gave you the wrong half of the tag like everybody say.
  15. It's a new tag, I've noticed it myself. The older tag with the price on it was bigger and had the sensor inside of it, which the SA's would need to remove. I guess some people wanted to keep the price tag so they needed to change it?