New Tag for '08 BBags???

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Last week I received my Black '08 PT from the BalLA store and I noticed that the tag on the inside is all leather! There is no metal plate and the top of the tag simply says, "Balenciaga, Paris." I'm not freaked out about it being fake since it was shipped directly from the store but is this weird?? Anyone have any expertise input? All of my others have a metal plate so I was surprised :wtf:

    Thanks as always- you all are great!!!!

  2. Jira- you really are my BAL guru! BTW, i'm really sorry if i ever post when the info's already out there. Still new to the site and figuring out how to do all of the "research" first. I hope I am not driving you veterans crazy!:bagslap: I promise I am generally a rule abiding lady in real life :happydance: