New System when I Overbuy

  1. :idea: I thought of a new system of probation and punishment when I find deals I have to act on or just buy too much in one month...

    Put excess away for a little while and not use for a while.

    What do you think?
  2. i would sell one of my old designer bag that i don't use a lot or anymore to feed my guilt some times.
  3. i am just not impulse overbuying. now i plan my purchases a bit. even though once im in the store i just want a couple more!
  4. Works for me! Let me know how it works out!:lol:
  5. I already have a bunch slated for selling. I'm backlogged. :p
  6. Hope that it works well for you. I'm feeling more than alittle guilty myself so I'm trying to get motivated to do some eBay sales. (except that I keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow...)
  7. I WAS a huge impulse buyer when it came to bags last year. It stopped the day my Amex bill came and it was $17,000.00!!! Yes its true. I returned most of the bags and sold the ones I couldnt return. Paid the bill that same month. ~PHEW~ BIG wakeup call!

    I NEVER let me AMEX bill get over $2000.00 a month (okay this month it was higher because I had moving/furniture expenses on it).

    I own 2 Bbags and 1 LV bag now. 4 balenciaga Boobies, a couple of LV MC accessories (Cozy and mini address book). No wallet because its in the middle of being sold.

    Next purchase will be today for a LV or Hermes wallet and tomorrow to pick up my LV heart coin purses.

    Then I'm done....till I get a job.
  8. I just bought a Coach, a Marc Jacobs and a Kooba all within 3 1/2 weeks and now I have put about 8 bags at the local Consignment store and just sold a Dooney on eBay and am going to list another Dooney tomorrow.

    THAT assuages my guilt AND makes hubby happy. (But he went out and had a new surfboard shaped for himself and those custom made babies ain't cheap!) But he deserves it..."-)
  9. Okay, PLUS I have a deal:

    Every week that I miss a class, I don't get a new bag. If I miss two on different days, add another week to not buy a bag.

    And every time I have a GREAT school day, like getting hard work done in a big way, I can get a "less" expensive bag.

    NOW does the first week even count? SO many people miss. I think it should for me. And does it count when I plan to go and drop a course, but end up NOT doing it, and whoops, missed 1 class? NO enabling, just be honest.

    Now I buy at least three bags a month, so this could work out.

    Let's see though ... I've bought or am bidding on ... 5, one more I might bid on (which would be my treat for the great day I had today [wrote an essay]) and one more MJ I'm either buying this weekend or waiting on eBay for (asked you PFers about it in another thread).

    RULE: If there's an unmissable deal, I go for it no matter what! I just push back to next week if I'm not supposed to buy.

    And I've missed classes on 2 weeks.


    Considering I have to finish college apps this week, so I deserve that MJ...

    I have 3 weeks of PURSE BAN! (That's my math and I'm stickin' to it, people!) Give or take. And indefinite Chloe' ban, I've collected a nice collec. in 1 month!!!

    Okay and the bags I put on HOLD and NOT USE YET:

    Dior Saddle (not 'til April or May)
    Chloe' Paddington Mousse (not til' March)
    Chloe' Silverado (not 'til April, maybe March)
    Fendi Spy, if I get it (not 'til March)

    Bags I WILL use because I want them for winter:

    Chloe' Zippy Rouge
    Dooney & Bourke Bone AWL Satchel

    Bag I may or may not use:

    Marc Jacobs E/W Tote (MAYBE not 'til March, April or May)

    THERE. Sighhhhhhh.
  10. Yeah I try to stay on a budget, and if I go over, that means I have to watch it the next billing cycles. And I have to force myself to return something, which means hard decisions. It's always hard for me to know in a billing cycle what my fav purchases are. And sometimes things move so fast off the shelves you are forced to have to purchase and then decide when you get home because otherwise the items are gone.
  11. Well, now I'm just focusing on punishment for missing school, at least this big purchase month. My money is oookayyyy, because this has been a good earning month for me. (It would put me in a new earning bracket on those surveys if it lasted a year.)

    But I missed 5 classes this week over three days!! I AM going tomorrow though.

    So I added a week, plus 5 days to my purse ban. It's - ouch! - 1 month, 1 day now! On really bad missing school weeks, I'll add 1 day per class missed.

    At some point after my packages stop coming in, this will really hit home and I'll be good. Heh heh.

    And if that MJ bag pops up, I'll just add an extra week on there. That's like an emergency bag. Heh. :shame:

    Maybe I should add something else about not carrying them "when I'm bad".
  12. Oh if only I got some discipline too!! You're motivating us all!!