New synonym for GINORMOUS: "Maxi Mabel"!

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Most apt description of Frankie's Maxi Mabel?

  1. Califrickin' Colossal!

  2. Very Voluminous!

  3. Incredibly Immense!

  4. She's bloody big, mayte! [reserved for Aussies, ay]

  5. Exceedingly elephantine!

  6. Magnificently monumental!

  7. Greatly gargantuan!

  8. Humungously honking!

  9. Weally weally whopping!

  10. Where's my hubble, I can't even see it all....?!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Holy OMG. I just received my new Maxi Mabel in Denim Antiqued Leather, and oh mi golly gosh she is big. Ginormous, even. Huge, humungous, enormous, voluminous, elephantine, gargantuan, colossal. Really rather large. :faint:

    Now I love big bags, and I checked out the specs and decided I wanted a Maxi Mabel ages ago as I always tend towards GM anything, but even knowing her dimensions beforehand I got a shock when I saw the length of the box this baby came in. Big things come in big packages after all, and walking home yesterday carrying a box half a meter long I began to suspect my new beauty might be a little larger than anticipated.

    This is me, 5'7" or 170cm, carrying my Yves Saint Laurent OVERSIZED Muse. Big bag, huh?


    Well I'll see your big bag, and raise you a Maxi Mabel..:

  2. SHE'S GINORMOUS!!!!! Ahh I had such fun taking these pics, I kept laughing at the sheer magnitude of her proportions - I've never had a bag this big! She looked ridiculous the first time I saw these pics but now that I've been playing around with them and uploading them all I'm starting to get my eye in for her and it's already looking half normal to me.

    This will make the most fabulous travel bag. Delayed at the airport? No problems, sleep in the bag. Want to take home lots of souvineers? Easy - you can souvineer a whole Mediterranean island in this baby, with room for a leaning tower or two. Want a fabulous nappy / Mum bag? Just chuck the whole lot in there, baby'n'all, and leave that cumbersome stroller at home.

    I can carry Holly, my 15" Powerbook in here without any problems.. in fact, I suspect I could fit a desktop pc in there too if I tried! :lol:


    With other big bags of mine: YSL Medium Downtown, Miu Miu Spring Shopper, LV Saumur 35, and ye olde Roxanne, a Big Bag in it's day that's now looking positively sample sized.

  3. Carried on the elbow..


    With Roxy again..


    And with all my other leather bags, and all my bags together for one big happy family shot. :girlsigh:

  4. :nuts: Wow, FrankieP, I love your pictures! Thanks for posting!!

    It is an ENORMOUS bag but I love it - the leather and color are divine!! :heart: Enjoy your new big beauty!!!
  5. :nuts: Holy crap Frankie, you could fit the kitchen sink in there...its huge.... gorgeous colour, but holy crap its huuuuge. You are tall enough to carry it off, it does look good on you.

    It looks quite at home with the family already.
  6. Yes its massive - saw them at Bicester yesterday - great holdall size - definitely a weekend bag. Great colour and sooooooo classy - beats a plastic carrier bag anyday! Enjoy - good excuse to book a trip away!
  7. It's HUGE! But I LOVE it!

    I was about to get a maxi mabel but didn't realize it was so!

    Congrats, she's gorgeous and you can definitely pull it off!
  8. You know.... most people carrying a small poodle in their bag. You could seriously fit AT LEAST a doberman.

    Wooo! Congrats girl!
  9. Ha ha It's massive!!! Great for a weekender!
  10. Have you got any nieces or nephews, friends with small children? You could play a fantastic game of hide-and-seek with them and get their parents all worried when you go to leave and the kids are still in your bag!!!!! :roflmfao:

    Seriously though - WOW, that is one super big bag!!!!! Looks fab on you, tall and thin as you are! :tup: Have fun showing her off!
  11. OMG That is HUGE!! But she also looks fab on you frankie! Amazing....
  12. Hahhaaha, thanks everyone!!! Lolling @ hide'n'seek, but that means I end up leaving with the children.. right now I'm still more than happy to give the buggers back after each visit! :sweatdrop: Will definitely be checking Mabel for stowaways now! :shocked:

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! Will have Mabel doing work duties when I'm back on shift from Wednesday, it'll be nice to have a bag that I can fit Holly into without any dramas. The best thing about her is that despite her size she's so light, and is the most comfy bag to carry on the shoulder with her slim width. Can't wait to head overseas someplace and use her as carryon, those front pockets would be perfect for passport and tickets, and there's room galore for magazines, books and a blanket to get me through the flight. :tup:
  13. Holy mother of GOD, batman! Frankie - now I really know that size does matter. I'm right behind ya in the big bag stakes... ohhhh how I love a big bag.... ohhhh how I love this big bag - she's ginormously gorgeous!
  14. It's not just size that's important, Wona.. but girth. Girth, baby, that's where it's at! :graucho::sneaky::graucho:
  15. OMG, that is enormous, but gorgeous too. Love your Miu miu by the way.