New Swing Packs?

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  1. Since they're doing away with the "old" sig stripe...does this mean new swing packs will be available?

    I'd LOVE one in that denim!
  2. oh nooooo.
    are they still going to keep making the signature stripe swing pack in black?
    i was hoping to get one this summer.
  3. From what everyone is saying, the "old" sig stripe is going to be taken off the floor. Hopefully some will go back to the warehouse or something cuz there's a lot I wanted too!

    But if I can get one in that yummy denim, I'm all for it.
  4. Denim would be very nice! But I like the sig stripe too...oh well, I wanted that one with white stripe.
  5. Well supposedly the new sig stripe does come in a khaki/parchment maybe?
  6. what about the black and grey print? i really wanted a swing pack in that print.
  7. I'm not sure if it's going away altogether, someone here just said that the "old" signature stripe was leaving the stores to make way for the new styles; the new scarf print and denim and khaki sig stripe. It could be something ADDED to the current, that's where my confusion comes in.

    Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  8. i hope i can still get the black and grey swing pack in the summer.

    i dont like the demin much, it looks kinda tacky, imo.
  9. There are new signature stripe swingpacks AND the new denim sig stripe is in a swingpack. It's ADORABLE!
  10. i saw them in NYC today!!! they ARE gorgeous...
  11. Ooo:huh:OOOo:huh:OOOOoooo!!! Thanks for letting me know! TOTALLY going on my list! I think that would be great to match every day to day jeans/shirt.....