New Surpique camera

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  1. Does anyone know, which colors will be avail. in the large Surpique camera bag? besides white/beige. TIA
  2. ^ Thank you Nat- still dont know which other colors?, hoping the large size will be avail. in black:smile:
  3. I believe these colors will come in all sizes:

  4. I am trying to find out exactly what colors and sizes the US boutiques will be getting - I called about ten boutiques today - no one has a clue about what I am talking about. I will keep trying. If anyone finds an SA who knows about this bag, please post!!
  5. ^My SA has me waitlisted for a bag from this ligne!She KNOWS her stuff!LOL!
    Her name is JILLIAN and she is at the PALM BEACH CHANEL Florida....GL!
  6. Thanks Jill - I am going to call her. Which bag from the line are you waitlisted for?

    It is unbelievable how many SAs don't know what bags are coming. I was trying to track down the maxi last week and a SA from San Francisco told me that the maxi was just a rumor. Then I found an SA in Vegas who already had the bag. Thanks again!
  7. ^ I'm also waiting for Damian @ Saks to let me know which colors Saks is getting.
  8. Surpqiue Surpique!!

    I am having the red, with silver h/w!!
  9. ^ MIffy- red just sounds gordy!!!:tup:, I want the large in black, can't wait!!!!!
  10. So I am very confused - I spoke with Jillian yesterday (who is awesome) and she checked with the buyer, who said that Chanel did not produce the camera cases. She said the big tote is coming, and I think the flap also, but no camera cases. If anyone hears anything different, please post, but Jillian seemed pretty positive that there would not be any Surpique camera cases.
  11. Ummm....i was just told by email that SURPIQUE was cancelled by Chanel??????????WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    is it JUST Chanel stores they cancelled?or did they cancel the ligne due to bad economy?
    Im utterly confused
  12. ^^:cursing: Why would they do this? I was so looking forward to this line.:crybaby:

  13. its impossible to cancel the ligne because in one of the thread one of the tpfer already bought it from malaysia and i heard they already have it in paris...
  14. I guess we won't actually know until they arrive or don't arrive. Remember when there was an email from Nordstrom that Chanel had cancelled the red caviar with gold hardware? Yet there are pictures of red caviar jumbos with gold hardware all over this board.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]