New Suri pic

  1. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's mom, Mary Lee arrive with baby Suri at LAX in Los Angeles, California, 02/23/2007.
    suri.jpg suri02.jpg
  2. Such a gorgeous little girl.
  3. cute!
  4. She looks just like her mother!!
  5. Aw, she is so cute, she look so much like Katie!
    Thanks for the pics.
  6. that kid is sooooo cute!
  7. Oh she's adorable!
  8. She is so cute!
  9. She's gonna be a knockout when she gets older :yes:
  10. She looks so much like her parents! HOW ADORABLE!!!:tender:
  11. She has such a cute little pout!! Just like her mum!
  12. So how old is she supposed to be ?? 10 months right ? (april 06)
    no no I m not trying to start again about her mysterious birth :p
  13. Suri is soooo adorable! She's a very cute looking baby. :yes:
  14. She looks so much like both parents ..cute kid t4p
  15. Such a darling little girl! Beautiful eyes!!