New Sunnies!

  1. After returning the ballet flats, went over to sunglasses and picked up a new pair. 5076, in tortoise shell w/mother of pearl CCs. I have the black and decided to get those to trade off. Will post modeling photos tomorrow. :yahoo:
  2. ooohhh, can't wait.
  3. tease!!!!!!!!
  4. I so want to seeee
  5. Here they are, front and side view. I have not showered yet, so I did not model. I have them in Black too, they fit great and really block the sun. Enjoy!
    Chanel Sunglasses.jpg Chanel Sunglasses side.jpg
  6. Great sunnies! Congrats!
  7. great pair of sunnies! congrats!
  8. So cool!!! I love it!!! CONGRATSSSSS!!!


  9. Congrats!! Those are really nice.
  10. Gorgeous! They are a classic. Every woman should have a pair!!!:yes:
  11. those are very glam :supacool:
  12. Mmmmmm. I LOVE the MOP glasses. I want a pair in black, because oddly enough I don't have a pair of black sunglasses..I have every other color (almost). But congrats, they're SOOO pretty!!