New Sunnies!!!

  1. they should be here today, but they just updated the website w/the stock photo.


    (in tortoise)
  2. Very nice! What is the style name of these?
  3. Taryn and its style # S801
  4. love them :smile:
  5. Congrats! Those are really cute!
  6. Oooh I love Coach sunglasses - I have tortoise shell ones too!
  7. I love Coach sunnies! I'm getting the Jenni ones in tortoise for Christmas!
  8. Pretty! I want the Jennies but after seeing these I might get them. You know what the hell I'll get both! The taryns will look good on you candace! You have great style!
  9. oooh I like those!!

    I have the Keri sunglasses and I want a thinner pair.. in black

    these maybe? :drool:
  10. Ohhh I love that style! I've been having a hard time deciding which ones to get, I think these may be it. Congrats & enjoy them :smile:
  11. OMG, I want!
  12. Those are so gorgeous, congrats!

    Candace, you get the cutest goods!
  13. oooohhh very cute. i can't wait to see modeling pics when you get them
  14. TOO cute!
  15. Cuuuuute and very chic!