New sunnies. Nice or not? Pics.

  1. I bought oversized sunnies, I really liked such a shape on other people, but not sure how it looks on me. Any opinions? I'm not sure if they are ok on me, or way too large.
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG
  2. From what I can see they look good, I think they work with your face shape, but I'm not entirely sure since the pic is taken from a side angle.

    Edit (err never mind, I forgot that there was more pics! Hehe!) Yeah I think they look good.
  3. To be honest, they looks really gorgeous on you!!!
    Not too big for sure.
    So HOT!
  4. They look REALLY good on you. Somehow the look on you reminds me a bit of Anna Wintour. ;)
  5. Very nice!!
  6. They look GREAT on you!!

    You are gorgeous by the way :smile: Wish i had your cheekbones and slim face!!

  7. Thanks a lot! Because of that slim face my mum and grandma always try to stuff food in me! They think their girl should have round cheeks!

    Well, I really like those sunnies, though my best friend said they are way too large and overwhelm my face, so I want to hear more opinions.
  8. They look very Audrey H on you:love:
  9. you look like a diva!!!:love:
  10. they look great on you! they're a keeper
  11. i think they look great on you!
  12. Keepers, Totally! I love them on you!
  13. Those look GREAT on you! :yes: Keep it!

    I wish it works half as well for me, I can never wear those huge sunnies...
  14. Glam!
  15. You look totally hip! Makes me wanna go out and get myself a pair