new sunnies-need opinions

  1. I went to Saks today to spend my 150 gift card and ended up getting these- my brother picked them out and it was a total impulse buy- Are they keepers or return and find a better fit? what do y'all think? (the pics are aweful-done from my mac in kitchen)
    Photo 78.jpg Photo 80.jpg
  2. U rock them!!!
  3. You look grrrreat in them!
  4. Looks great on you ;)
  5. thanks- hey, here's a Ques., do you actually carry that big hard case in your purse? I had a soft case for my previous shades, but these will not fit it
  6. I love them! What do the sides look like? What is the style number (found on the inside of the arm). They fit your face well.

    Yes, I carry the hard case in my purses; otherwise, I am afraid they may break.
  7. they have mop cc's - they are 5076h and 325
  8. Love them! :yes:
  9. As long as they don't hit your cheeks I think they're perfect!
  10. 5076 are chanels best sellers :smile:
  11. I had these and they did not look like that on me at all. I looked like a bug. :biggrin: You rock them!!
  12. looks great on u..! Keep it ..its almost summer time! U will need sunnie for sure!
  13. you Look great!
  14. Totally hot on you. Keep!
  15. You look totally awesome with them!