New sunglasses?!

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  1. Does anyone know if LV has any new sunglasses styles coming out soon?? I bought the Daisy last year and wanted something new?

    Any pics? any inside info? please tell......
  2. I saw the look-book of the upcoming styles, but nothing blew me away :sad:
    There are alot of sport style sunglasses coming out and they do absolutely nothing for me.
  3. I always forget about the other lookbooks besides the bag lookbook.
  4. I was at the soho store last wk & they had a few newer styles. Nothing that I was in LVoe with. The SA there was super nice & adjusted my LV aviators when the mean SA at my LV directed me to sunglass hut.
  5. I frequently check the website for new sunglasses and noticed they added some new styles. One I like in particular is the Iris PM, mainly because I have a small face and I"m hoping these will fit better than the regular Iris. This style comes in four colors, the Carmin Glitter is very nice.

    Also I saw a pair called "Poppy" interesting two tone looking pair and the last style I noticed is called "Rose Black" available in two colors.

    Check them out, you might see something you like.
  6. I really like the Poppy and Rose Black. I'll probably get the Rose black next month. I've always wanted a cat eye and those are perfect.

  7. we have the same sunglasses taste. I just went to the website and then emailed my Sa I want to try on Poppy and rose black. But I think Poppy will win because it is so different looking. I have Daisy sunglasses but the lenses always pop out!

    Thanks everyone for reminding me about web--has anyone bought any new glasses lately????
  8. Have you seen poppy IRL? Just wondering how big the frames actually are.
  9. ^^ My sa just ordered them 2 days ago she said she would call when they come in,
  10. Great! Post pics when you can! TIA!!
  11. No I haven't seen them yet. I like the looks of them though and will need to try them on. I can't wear large frames because they make me look like a fly:P