new sunglasses

  1. i finally exchanged the mop glasses for these. I really liked the look, but they were uncomfortable. I went to Saks this weekend and got these instead- I like the little bit of bling! They feel so much better!( they are a little bigger though)
    Photo 51.jpg
  2. I've wanting those! Congrats :yes:
  3. very nice, congrats!
  4. Excellent choice! They look great on you!! I have the same 5080b sunnies in black and brown tortoise. I also had and sold the brown mop which just didn't fit my face as nicely as the 5080b.

    Robin, now you have to try on the 6014 with the large CC hinge. They are the exact same frame as the 5080b. I bought them in brown/gold CC and black/silver CC. I'm very hard to fit in sunglasses so buy a great style in multiples.
  5. I have these glasses, they look great on you!!! They are super comfortable. I love them.
  6. oh I have these and LOVE them! Great choice!
  7. nice .. i have these in brown as well
  8. I also have those in brown. Love them on you!
  9. Looks great!!!!
  10. Pretty!
  11. Love them! They look great on you! :yes:
  12. thnks everyone! roey-those were my second choice! i just liked the sparkle!
  13. redrobin, I have these in brown. They are very comfortable, no? I too love the extra sparkly on the side! It makes me feel glamorous!:supacool:
  14. Darling.
  15. look gorgeous on you!