New sunglasses!!

  1. So a few weeks ago I posted that some guy had broken my white sunglasses. Since then, I have been on a hunt for new ones, and today I finally bought them!! The original price was CDN$400, but since I went to a local Chinese mall, I bargained them down to CDN$300! SCOREEEEEEEEEE!!


    Here's the detailing that's on the earpiece. I :love: those pink Swarovski crystals!!

    I am keeping people away from these new babies. I don't care if my friends think I'm acting ridiculous! *growl* :lol:
  2. I love them. Looks great on you. Make sure no guys get near them this time.
  3. did you get a good hard case for them?
  4. They are beautiful!!!!!!! Enjoy them!
  5. Very chic! Get some get use out of them...hopefully you won't break this pair!;)
  6. Very cute! Good luck with keeping them "safe" and enjoy wearing them!
  7. You are all so sweet! Thanks for all the compliments! :shame:

    Yes, it came with a nice big case, although it's not the typical hard ones, it should be fine as long as I don't sit on them or something. :P I'm going to wear these everyday now...even if it's raining! (ok, maybe not)
  8. They are gorgeous! I love the sides AND the frames! The pink is especially pretty on you! Congrats!
  9. You look HOT! Love them...they scream look at me...oh, keep everyone away...I agree.
  10. You look very smart! Get a hard case though, accidents happen!:amuse:
  11. hot! i want a pair now.
  12. 0o00o0 nice sunnies!!! i'm glad you found another pair you like!!! yeah - its summer time!
  13. Very cute!Love the crystals!
  14. i love them! a friend of mine has the same pair and they're so cute!
  15. Those look wonderful on you.