New Sunglasses!!

  1. Here's my new pair of sunnies..:supacool:
    IMG_1854.JPG IMG_1856.JPG
  2. Those are really HOT! You can never go wrong with a black pair of shades but these are a bit extra. I love the rhinestone detail! ENJOY!
  3. Congrats :biggrin: they are beautiful!
  4. congrats! They look like what I would buy myself!
  5. Glamorous.
  6. thanks for the lovely comments guys...:smile:
  7. I love versace shades!!! Those are super pretty. I have the ones that have what looks like red coral on them. I love sparkly things!
  8. Ooh, I love Versace sunnies! They are fab!
  9. Versace! Love the sunnies-
  10. so glamorous!!!!!