New Summer Phantom 2014

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  1. Need your serious Opinion?

    I got a Problem with the green. :smile:

    How do you think about the Combo?

    The blue is midnight




  2. No, for me. The green interior is a little too much with that already striking blue on the outside. If your personality, lifestyle and wardrobe fits into it, go for it. But for me, I'm pretty safe and subdued so this will tire me out endlessly.

    Good luck deciding! And can you also post this in the Summer 2014 thread for posterity?
  3. Hmm... I am not a fan of this kind of bright green, so a "No" for me
  4. Not a fan of the green, so it's a no for me.
  5. I'm in the minority, I actually like it. however definitely not an all year round kind of bag. could see it being worn spring and summer only. The green is very striking but fun pop of color. But just dont see this bag beyond the summer seasons and I would much rather prefer something that could be worn all year round
  6. Sorry, OP, I have to say nay on this one. But if you love it and know you will enjoy it, then by all means buy it.

    Good luck!
  7. OP, the colour is not for me but it might be for you. So enjoy your bag.
  8. Green can be glorious, but somewhat problematic in combination with another color. As to this particular bag, it definitely says casual summer, which is great if that's what you're looking for.
  9. I think it's over the top! NO for sure!
  10. Another no. I like the idea of a blue with perhaps a more subtle accent like a darker blue ... but the green feels a bit too flashy.
  11. Nay for me as well. At first the green lining does look pretty. But total green interior, yucks!
  12. It's a nice pop of colour, I like it!!
  13. I LOVE it. Fabulous to classic color and not too edgy. This is like a very powerful statement bag.
  14. The green is a bit much for me...but good luck with your decision making!

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  15. Love how it is green inside! Unique!