NEW Summer LV RAOK Sign-Up & Rules *Please Sticky*

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  1. Hello everyone,

    There has been interest expressed in putting together a summer Louis Vuitton Random Acts of Kindness. I am thoroughly enjoying the current one...and would love for it to continue! It's also a great chance for those who didn't get a chance to get in the Spring one to jump on board!

    Now....I know there have been some problems with the current Spring RAOK...and I am therefore setting some rules in place that will hopefully avoid these troubles!!

    Details: The purpose of a Random Act of Kindness is kind of like a secret santa....your chance to brighten up someone else's day!! You must be able to fully commit to not only purchasing & shipping out presents for another person...but you MUST also take the time to post pictures of the presents you receive!!! For more detailed information, please see the threads about the Spring RAOK.


    1. The summer RAOK will last for the months of June, July & August. You MUST send one gift per month (one gift between June 1-June gift between July 1 - July 31, and one gift between August 1- August 31). You cannot sent all 3 at once at the very end, etc. This is the very minimum requirement. You can feel free to send out more than one gift per month...but you are not required to do so.

    2. You are required to post a picture (or at the very least a detailed description) of each gift you receive. You should do this in a timely manner so that the sender knows you received your gift.

    3. There is no dollar limit on the gifts. You can spend $10 or $ is completely up to you. Please remember, it is the thought that counts. Although you may see gifts being posted that are more expensive...please do not feel obligated to spend more than you can afford!!! Sometimes it's the thought that counts more than the $$ amount!

    4. The person you are sending gifts to will not be the same person you are receiving gifts from (just like a Secret Santa!).

    5. You may choose to reveal yourself to the person at any time!!

    6. Due to problems with the Spring RAOK all applicants for this current RAOK will be prescreened for approval. I will be looking at several things: posting history on tPF (are you a regular poster v. a sporadic poster?); posting history on LV forum; length of time a member of tPF; number of overall posts

    Please PM the following information to me by 5/31/2007:

    1. Email address
    2. Postal address
    3. Name you would like addressed on your package (real name, initials, tPF screen name, etc.)
    4. Shipping preference (USA only, UK only, Canada only, N. American only, Europe only, Asia only, etc.)
    5. Would you be willing to help out in a pinch (i.e. if someone fell through on their commitment to RAOK...would you be willing to send a small gift to someone to help out)?
    6. If you are currently participating in the Spring RAOK...please tell me the name of the person you are currently sending gifts too (I won't tell anyone...and if you have me and want to participate it is OK to wait until the very end to PM me!) so that you don't get the same buddy again!!!

    I will personally review every application! I will respond within 24 hours to let you know if you are accepted. In addition, once accepted I will also send out a questionnaire to you that will be forwarded to your buddy.

    Phew....if you have any questions....please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any comments or suggestions are also welcome in this thread!!!
  2. yay!!!!! Im gonna PM you!!
  3. LOL sweetie...I knew you'd be in!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yeah for another round! I had so much fun this first one, I'm definitely in for the second!
  5. I think you mean first gift between June 1 -30, not 1-3...might want to edit :smile:
  6. Fabulous Jen!!!!! I hope we get a really good crowd!!!
  7. pm'ed you :smile:
  8. LOL thanks Tink! I've changed that typo!
  9. OOo sounds fun. I missed the previous one so maybe i can join this one. ^^
  10. twiggers- pm'ing you now
  11. hehehehehe........i am so happy i cant wait!!!
  12. LOL couture!!!! It's gonna be fun!!!
  13. ^^ definetly!! :nuts: LOL
  14. this is fab, just fab. :smile:
  15. I'm guessing I wouldn't have been here long enough????.. and I don't post all that much, as I don't have a very huge collection yet... I am extremly keen to participate though, :smile:
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