New "summer" Inclusion Colors!!!

  1. I say "summer" because who knows if they really will come out at that time. I was talking to an SA tonight and she told me that they are doing a re-make of ROSE and YELLOW! I asked what were the kind of differences we could expect (from the 05/06? versions) and she wasn't sure. She is guessing maybe different colored crystals (wondering if it'll be the same situation that we had with two versions of black inclusions) or maybe even PEARLS!!!

    I don't have these colors yet, but I sure hope they use pearls!:love:

    *mods, I wasn't sure if this was the correct place
  2. Wow!!!! They're doing remakes of rose and yellow. That's great for the gals who missed out. I'd be ticked though if I spent a lot on eBay to get these colors.
  3. Ugh, they had BETTER look different than the old colors otherwise I'm going to be really upset. They already did that with the black and the only difference was the lack of LVs in the ring.
    And I don't think they should re-release Rose, it looks too much like Violette (Parme/Fawn, whatever). :nogood:
    If anything, they should re-release the white w/multicolored crystals and make rings and bangles!
  4. I think they should make a blue inclusion bracelet :yes:
  5. bright turquoise would be gorgeous (wishful thinking)
  6. well.... I think they ran out of what to launch -_-"
  7. I would love a blue bangle too!! And I would def buy Yellow!! I want bright colors and not pastels. I would love a white bangle too!!
  8. I agree with Rebecca, this is an interesting choice on the part of LV.
  9. LV should do the inclusions with silver flowers/LVs inside instead of the gold ones. I wish they would do a blue - medium- not too dark, otherwise it will look black. Maybe orange? And use other crystals other than red!!! I like red, but it's just the same crystals over and over.

    Oh.. and release the inclusion line faster and have more available to buy - it seems that a lot of overseas tPFers get their inclusions before the U.S. Why can't LV just send out mass shipments to all of their stores worldwide so that we can buy the inclusions immediately!!!
  10. Oops, I just saw in the inclusion club that Middle Mouse knew about the new inclusion colors, too! Thanks, Middle Mouse!
  11. Arrgh, they're already talking about new inclusion colors and I can't even get my hands on the latest ones :push: It's just a bit frustrating. And to have them re-release colors....There's a whole rainbow out there. I thought things were going more vivid with the pomme, but then back to the pastel range they ran.
  12. Yes a few weeks ago, my SA showed me a book summarizing the accessories to come and there was a whole page on the Yellow and Rose inclusions. On paper the colors look identical to the previously released colors. There will be 'LV' inside the ring, and the PM bracelet will look like the current PM bracelets with 'LV's in it (instead of the slightly thicker flowers-only version that was released before). There will also be a GM bracelet. Not sure if they will be making the speedy keychain in these colors, I don't think that was on the page, but I did see haircubes. I think it is supposed to be launched in April this year, but we all know that can change...
  13. ^^^I know I JUST saw what you posted, just missed reading over it in the inclusion club. At least now we can confirm with each other:tup:
  14. Do you know witch other color the Rose haircube will come with? I would love to have some rose inclusion
  15. Once again, the Rose will be paired with the Yellow for the haircubes set..