new summer drink at Starbucks!

  1. I went in expecting to order my usual Green Tea frappuccino, but instead saw signs featuring a brand new drink - Banana Coconut frap - so went with that instead.

    Not too sweet, perfect banana flavor and overall super-mega-YUM! :biggrin:
    Go and try one today!

    (That's it for my PSA for today.)
  2. Hmm that sounds REALLY delicious.. I might have to try one on my way back home today! :yes:
  3. Oh lucky, they don't have that flavour in the UK yet!
  4. Looking at the Starbucks website, looks like you can also try Banana Caramel and Banana Mocha frap varieties as well.
  5. That green tea and blackberry frapuccino they sell at Starbucks is like CRACK !

  6. Oh this is YUMMY! Esp the caramel sauce and cream. Bring on the spoon first!
  7. How many calories?????????? How much is it?????????? Can you tell I detest Charbucks?
  8. Mmmmm that sounds really good!
  9. Very summery and interesting!
  10. it has no coffee right?
  11. I gained ALOT of weight during the dot-com era when starbucks was one of our sponsors and I had a frappuccino every day - I had no idea that each one had nearly 800 calories!!! When we finally lost our capitol, I had lost a 6 figure job and gained 35 lbs!!!

    I still love the whole starbucks ambiance, but I only go for iced coffee with splenda once in a very great while. The banana drink probably has more calories and less nutritional value than a banana split at Baskin-Robbins lol.
  12. OMG I love banana flavored drinks. Think I'm heading there now!!!!
  13. I rarely drink any kind of caloried drink (diet soda, coffee, plain tea and water all the way) but the signs for the blackberry green tea frap looked so good that I decided to skip some food to drink it. but I personally thought it was crappy when I actually got it.
    coconut is my ultimate fat drink temptation though, so I'll probably have to skip more food to have that one too. Here's hoping it's better than the blackberry!

    (you can check the nutrition info online, getting a tall without whipped cream usually is only between 250-300 calories, which is still way too many but won't knock you out like the venti with whipped cream and caramel 800ish)
  14. OMG. that sounds absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!

    omg... yum!! time to hit starbucks after class tomorrow.
  15. I got a coupon today to try it for free when I get my usual caramel macchiato...