New Summer '14 Alice design Medium Size Opinions!


Dec 11, 2005
New York City
I have always loved the 'Husky white' alice bag , but was not a fan of the smaller east west size and the Large alice was just too large!

Now I have discovered on Chloe's website a New Summer 2014 Alice bag. The size is medium a bit taller and less wide- without the button front as well.
I called my local Chloe Boutique and they said the large alice has or will be discontinued due to it being too large and this was a more accessible Size about 11x15

I think i love it as it is a more every day useable lady like bag.
Although I have not seen it in person yet.
I Found it on today on Harrod's website as well. The only retailer online so far to carry it.



Dec 5, 2009
Vancouver, BC
YES! Eeeek...I was drooling over this today...wondering if I should buy her? I am liking the med caribbean blue version on Nordies website too. The med is definitely a rather large size but not too huge - structured so not slouchy but not overly stiff like luggage.

Is this exact same bag? This one is small, I think but it's a nice size.

Chloe Alice small shopper top handle HOLTs.jpg


Jul 14, 2013
i think the medium would be a perfect size for most people! the small is too small at least for me. it's wide enough but the capacity is small. Hope you will be getting it soon :smile: