New Summer 09 Bag


Nov 18, 2007
Found this bag on the netaporter site. I love it. What I love especially is that the leather of this new version of the woven bag is soft again (an not shiney) like they had it in the winter 07/08 collection (the summer 08 woven bags where shiney and had a lot of metalic colors).

Do any of you know (especially the members who live in the U.S.) if this bag also comes in other (not shiney leather but soft leather) colors?

And even in other versions?

Would love to hear from U!


Ps.: I also posted a woven bag in an silver metalic color to explain what I meant with the shiney leather.


Feb 10, 2007
i've seen this also especially love the blue hobo shaped one that i've even added it on my wishlist, there something about that shade of blue i like. Sorry i cant help you as im not from the US better there are many other US miu miu lovers on here who will, i hope you get the informaiton you need because everyone on here are helpful. Good luck