New Suhali Zippy Wallets

  1. The blue, gold, and silver zippy wallets are available on right now under the US catalog new releases.
  2. Tried to view the blue and gold ones but they don't come up? Also, the gold is $935, the blue is $780?? Why the price difference? I'd like to see it in gold.

  3. I was going to buy the gold zippy wallet but the price made me reconsider.. by the way at my local LV I was quoted $850 (don't remember the exact amount at this moment). :confused1:
  4. OH i would love to see them all.
  5. I had heard that the gold and silver were going to be limited, so maybe that is why they are more expensive. I have seen pics of the gold on a thread in the forum.
  6. I was sooo excited for these, but after seeing real life pics...don't think I'm getting one any more. Quite pricey for a wallet, and they aren't as beautiful as I thought.