new Suhali colour on eLuxe: Sienna

  1. well the new colour is finally out. not sure what to think of it yet. i like white metal hardware (silver/steel/palladium/etc.), it works on the Epi collection, but somehow it doesn't click with Suhali. the new Sienna colour looks very nice and rich. but i think it looks better with gold. what do you guys think?
  2. I agree gold would have been better. I don't really like brown bags anyway, but I'm sure it will sell well.
  3. I agree. I'd like to see it IRL though, but based on the pics, it really doesn't do it for me.
  4. hmn...i think i still prefer my blue Suhalia bag :P
  5. I will have to see it IRL before I can comment BUT I wonder if they will change the hardware on all the suhali items to silver??:huh:
  6. [​IMG]so so [​IMG]Ewwww
    [​IMG] dont mind this...
    [​IMG] could work
  7. Hmmmm...I think this could grow on me...
  8. good god, thats a horrible color combination:blink:
  9. Hmm. I'm not sure what I think about it :blink: I like the color, but for some reason the combination with the silver hardware isn't doing much for me. White and geranium are still my favorite Suhali colors :heart:
  10. I love the Suhali collection because it has a very classic and luxurious look...but I really don't see this new color combo contributing to that. I must say I'm disappointed.
  11. i like i some what I would like if the hard wear was gold.
  12. i like it !
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I think it'd look better with gold hardware. :sad:
  15. I am not sure if I like the color's bit dull !!!
    May be it willl grow on me..may be not. I don't normally like gold hardware but for suhali I think I would rather have gold hardware
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