New Suhali colors???

  1. Does anyone know if there are new suhali colors coming out soon???? I would love to see a tan!!!
  2. Me too!!! That's exactly the color I was hoping would come out in the Suhali line...(sigh):love: :love:
  3. I have no idea but ayla might know?
  4. I was speaking to my SA about this and she has seen a photo of it and stated that the colour is more like the mono mat amber colour than a true tan hue. I want more info inregards to that new suhali style comes in pm, mm & gm and my SA had no info on it.
  5. OH MY OH MY
    That was exactly what I was thinking!!
    Tan colored suhali...also in different styles...

    Oh I need to keep my eyes open
  6. I Can't Wait!
  7. There is also a MM & GM and I have shown photos to my SA and she has no idea:lol: I want a white pm:love:
  8. Oooooooooh! That would be lovely.
  9. I don't think there's anything new coming up ? I asked's customer service and they said that there weren't any new colours in the works, just the black, white, geranium and blue of the current lines. Bummer !
  10. i honestly think those people never know whats going on or what's new, etc.. you can ask the customer service reps for my store and they won't have a clue, but ask a manager or senior sales associate and all the info will spill like a can of beans.

    just my .02.
  11. Hehe.. I like that analogy. Kind of like "fold like a cheap tent" ! The city where my school is doesn't have a Louis Vuitton, so all I've got is Vuitton dot com ! :unsure:
  12. Next time I go into LV (will be VERY soon:nuts: ) I will ask my SA to see the new suhali colour photo...I also heard (not sure if it is correct) that blue suhali may be discontinued:huh:
  13. There is definitely a Tan Suhali color coming out in the summer. My SA told me about it at least a month or so ago.
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