New Suhali Clutch LE PRECIEUX

  1. :drool: Very cute i want to see it in blue !
    Thanks for the picture!
  2. WoWwWW this is GORGEOUS!! when will it be officially launch?? omg, its soooo :drool::drool:
  3. :shocked::amazed::blink::drool: WOW......nice! I didn't see this bag or read any mention about it before. I likey!
  4. Stunning bag. LVOE IT!
  5. It's gorgeous!!!!
  6. It is stunning ... I would love to see in black too:heart:
  7. OH I LIKE!!! :nuts:

    in white AND black :graucho:
  8. i like! i think there's a mention (but no photo) of this and other new Suhali bags including their price and release dates in the Fall/Winter'07 thread below :yes:
  9. That bag is gorgeous! I cannot wait for it to be released next month!
  10. I think this bag is HOT! I believe there is another D type ring on the right side where you cannot see it and that way the strap connects on both ends and can be worn over the shoulder?

    Blue would be HOT!
  11. Great bag - thank you for the pic!
  12. I wonder what colours it will be released in??
  13. Probably white, grey and black.
  14. Wow! Gorgeous!