New Suede Heels - Help!

  1. This happens to me everytime. I get these suede heels that just look luscious - for about the first 3 wears.

    Does anyone have a "secret formula" to keep suede heels looking good? Please help - I so want to keep my new girls looking good!

    annie pair.jpg annie top pair  7769-343417-1.JPG
  2. Andrea --

    Unfortunately, suede does age quite fast.

    Aside from the obvious advice of keeping your suede babies away from moisture and prolonged direct sunlight, invest in a suede shoe kit. I find that the right brush takes my suede items from "Ehhh" to "Puuuurdy!" with a few strokes. But overzealous brushing may bald the suede, just FYI.
  3. I bought a suede brush/eraser combination at a shoe repair shoe. It was only a few dollars and helps spruce them up when necessary. I too noticed that suede shoes require a lot more work to keep fresh looking.
  4. I've been rethinking my suede D'Orsay purchase for a while now. I'd hate to spend a considerable amount of money on heels that are somewhat high-maintenance and that will stretch a good amount after several wears.

    So, ladies, is it not a good idea to spend over $500 on suede heels?
  5. I'm a sucker for suede shoes, especially boots. I find that they are so much softer and comfy than regular leather. Storing shoes in the closet as much away from moisture as possible seems to do the trick, as well as wiping them off with a paper towel as soon as I'm home, to remove traces of ravages from the elements! :biggrin: It's fairly easy to take care of....
  6. I always use a suede protector on suede heels and bags, and I haven't had a problem keeping mine nice.
  7. If anyone can reccommend a good suede protector itd be helpful.
  8. i used to be so against suede, simply due to the upkeep required, but ever since sergio rossi had their delicious collection of suede shoes and boots a few seasons ago, i had to give in...having said that, my method, other than what's been said already above (all great ideas), is to alternate wearing them with your other leather shoes. this way, you get to wear them, but then maintain their "freshness" b/c you're not wearing them to death. and always check the weather before going out.

    oh, and also, stain and water guard them with a spray.