New subforum? Technology?

  1. Do you think it would be possible to maybe open a new subforum where people can talk about technology and whatnot? Phones, pdas, computers, computer games, ipods, etc.?
  2. Great idea! I second that! :yes:
  3. Vlad and Megs,
    Could we please have a technology general discussion subforum to discuss cellphones, computers, digi cameras, etc? I would be more than happy to volunteer with any upkeep it requires. I know you all are very busy with everything but I (and I know a fair amount of others) that would be very grateful for this section. Thank you!
  4. ^Great idea, Tanukiki! I'd be willing to help out, too.
  5. I love this idea! :tup:
  6. I was just browsing to see if this had been suggested. I see so many threads in the GD area about digital equipment and computers I thought I would say something as well:yes:then Mr. Vlad could teach us all how to take wonderful photos:tup:
  7. I'm in....I can help!
  8. OOh....I like this idea, from a learning perspective, not a teaching one, however!!
  9. *bump* I would love to have this thread. I'll be glad to help if needed.
  10. I would love one of these. I was just looking for the right forum to ask a computer tech question in!
  11. yes pleaaaaaaaaaase megs and vlad!
  12. I just want to say that I looooooove the variety on TPF, where people who share a common interest (bags) can also connect based on their other interests, likes and dislikes, etc. I think it makes the community so much stronger :tup:
  13. We really do get a lot of iPhone and computer questions.......
  14. I would love this
  15. Yo V, what do you think??